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Omar's Dream Run - Oct 20th, 2024

Early Registration is open!

Welcome to Omar's Dream Foundation

Omar’s Dream Foundation enables hospitalized and medically supervised children to remotely attend school allowing them to stay connected to their teachers and classmates. Our services are free for all qualified students and their educators.

How Will This Impact Health Providers?

Omar’s Dream Foundation’s goal is to make its program have no impact on the participating hospital and healthcare providers. To that end, the Foundation is available to consult with the student, family and educators to set up and administer the program.

Update on Angela's Video Above

Angela’s update after treatment in the hospital, where she was able to stay in school and keep her graduation date. Angela received a computer and the support she needed to never be held back in school. She hopes to go on to Stanford and work with Omar’s Dream Foundation to help others.

Nate Explains the Benefits of the Program

Watch how Nate benefited greatly from Omar’s Dream Foundation and the support of his community. From downloadable course books, to headphones and an iPad, the program helped him stay connected to his school while in treatment and led to him becoming a mentor for other children.

Dr. Dahl Talks About Omar & the Foundation

Omar was the happiest patient in the bone marrow transplant unit at LPCH. While the other kids felt lonely and isolated, Omar kept up with his schoolwork and all the fourth grade gossip. He was in touch with his friends and teachers and remained an important part of their lives.

Omar's Dream Foundation Photos

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