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How will this impact health providers?

Omar’s Dream Foundation’s goal is to make its program have no impact on the participating hospital and healthcare providers. To that end, the Foundation is available to consult with the student, family and educator(s) to set up and administer the program.

The Foundation also may be required to visit a participating student to provide technical assistance or to train a new student to obtain the most benefit from the Program. The Foundation and the hospital will work together to determine how best to accommodate such visits. The Foundation understands the privacy issues involved and will work with the healthcare provider (and family) to minimize any intrusion into the student’s room.

Before any student can participate in Omar’s Dream Program, his or her healthcare provider(s) must inform the Foundation that the student is permitted to participate.

The Foundation has no specific requirements for the student’s participation, other than that the student must be expected to be hospitalized or otherwise unable to attend regular classroom sessions for at least two weeks due to a medical condition. Otherwise, any student with the desire to participate is welcome to do so, consistent with Doctor (and parent) approval.

Promotional Material

Omar’s Dream Foundation also will provide participating hospitals with marketing material and brochures for distribution to interested students and their families.


The Foundation understands that hospitals may have privacy concerns for its patients. As a result, the Foundation anticipates that some form of consent will be required by the hospital to permit the participating student to be broadcasted into the classroom.

There are ways to minimize (indeed, eliminate) any broadcast from the participating student’s hospital room and vice versa. The Foundation is available to consult on other ways to assist with broadcasts.

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